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We do:

Interior design and refurbishment, extensions and alterations, bespoke kitchens and bespoke luxury bathrooms. We supply and install bespoke furniture for bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway and study. We do roof repairs and install new roofs including flat roofs.
We do external works in garden and external wall decorative stone tiling, garden design and external light design and installation. We supply and install conservatories, verandas and glass rooms.
We do loft conversion and dormer for our customers , fit converted loft and insulate it. Creat bedroom and bathroom in loft. We supply and install outdoor and indoor swimming pools in properties , we also do all plumbing and electric works in houses and flats for our customers.

Long road we came before starting to do full full refurbishment with full interior design of the Property, also full construction of the building from foundation to roof.

In 2004 we were only doing home extensions, alterations and converting loft into a room for our customers. Then we started doing conservatories, getting our conservatory supply company to make bespoke conservatories to suit requirements of our customers.

All extensions we did for our customers needed new bathrooms and sometimes new kitchens, kitchens mostly needed to be bespoke. We used a few kitchen suppliers, really bespoke kitchen makers were not a lot at that time and the ones were in the market were really busy in 2004, so the need for bespoke designer kitchens to suit the extensions of the houses arose.

We could not make our customers to wait long and we did not want to loose them also, that is why we hired a work shop and hired experienced kitchen furniture makers, started our bespoke kitchens manufacture.

In 2005 we were already doing bespoke kitchen manufacture and installation of the kitchens. We found a lot of mistakes in plumbing and electric works related to the kitchens we supply and install, we decided to do electrical and plumbing works for the kitchens we supply and install. From end of 2005 electrical and plumbing works in kitchens were 50% of our scope in the properties.

We received a lot of bespoke bathroom furniture orders from our customers in 2006, our talented furniture makers made very good and bespoke bathroom furniture for our customers. Nearly every 2nd property we worked needed bespoke bathroom furniture to suit our customers requirements

As we were producing and installing bathroom furniture, In 2006 few customers asked us if we could complete the bathroom that was incomplete (started by others, under different reasons owners stopped working with them), we started a complete bathroom refurbishment and we developed skills of our team, from 2006 bathrooms became 30% of our scope in the property.

There was a time when the full refurbishment was not in our package, we saw the difficulties we and customers face, we saw unhappy clients in every second project where the other companies were managing full refurbishment and we were doing only part of works. Few customers had no choice than to terminate agreements with the existing refurbishment companies working in their property and give the refurbishment works to the new companies, sometimes asking us if we could complete previous company’s incomplete works.

From 2007 we started to be involved in full refurbishment and full interior design of the properties. In addition to our home extensions and alterations company, we have set up an electric company, plumbing company and hired designers to work for our home extensions and alterations company. By the end of 2007 full refurbishment became 80% of our scope in properties. Since 2007 we manage all of property works for our customers, we do complete strip out, bespoke elements of interior design, we obtain permits from local authorities for our customers in order they could do extensions and alterations in their property. We procure materials and appliances, manufacture bespoke furniture (kitchen, Study, Living Rom, Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway etc), deliver and install them, do bespoke and luxury bathroom installation, do complete electric layout and electrical 1st and 2nd fix, do plumbing layout/design and plumbing 1st and 2nd fix, complete walls and ceilings to the specification and agreed design. We install flooring to the design and with chosen by client materials and color. We do Old windows replacing with double or triple glazed windows, old sash windows replacing with exact look alike double glazed windows. We install all the chosen by client appliances, test and check to make sure they are working and have annual warranty, then we hand over to owners (our client).

As from 2008 external works become part of our scope, we have set up a company to do external works and we started doing Garden design, Garden decorative tiling (using natural and composite decorative stone tiles) and Decking, We do New Electric design for outside lighting and Landscaping. We do plastering/rendering of external walls and install External Timber Cladding. We supply and install external wall lime stone/decorative cladding/tiling. We do roofing and roof repairs, including flat roofs. We do garage building and refurbishment, we install normal and automatic garage doors , we do drive ways for our customers with their chosen materials etc.

To achieve best results and make our customers happy we recently re structured our resources and decided to join all four companies under 1 umbrella of JInteriors and Exteriors LTD, it makes us to be better organised, projects better managed and helps to reduce overhead costs and be flexible to suit customers time requirements, it helps to put additional resources if needed to complete the projects in time.

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