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J Interiors and Exteriors

We do refurbishment , home extensions, alterations, bathrooms, Kitchens, loft conversion, roofing, electrical and plumbing works in property for our customers.
What makes us unique ? We know what the property owner wants. The owner wants: his/ her all imaginations considered in design and refurbishment, the agreed completion date achieved, less disruption to the owner whether he/she is at home or away (at work or on holiday abroad), quality of work combined with beautiful design, owner feels he/she is having the sweet home at the end and all these at a suitable price. Property owners do not want to face difficulty like kitchen cannot complete-because plumber did not do his job in time or bathroom cannot be completed -because the tile installer is off sick or is on holiday, roof cannot be completed because roofer cannot come over as he did not finish the other house he was working in. Owners want a bespoke service, dedicated project Manager, dedicated trades men under 1 management, all companies and suppliers managed and coordinated, customers get their bespoke service they paid for.

We work with your chosen contractors or manage our own contractors , in both cases the aim is end result to be a sweet home for the owner. We do not segregate to have big or small works, we do both small and big works. All meetings with customers, visiting their properties are free of charge, as it helps to come to right decision about scope of works in property and helps to come to right design intent.

We do full building /construction of the property as well and then complete it with fit out. We help our customers with obtaining certain permits as well if the customers wish us to do it for them.

To make all our customers happy we have organised small works department in our company to deal with small works in their properties. Now customers who has only small works need doing in their property can get small works done. They can place an order for as little as £300 worth of painting in the property to be done or plumbing appliance to be replaced by our experienced tradesmen. Our small works department will take care of these kind of small works.

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