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What we offer to our customers

As a home improvement, Interior design and refurbishment specialist we are keen on creating your sweet home. Where created luxurious or simple and suitable living environment designed for you, it is different from standard living spaces, it is as individual as you, like an owner. We listen to you, we study your taste and your expectation from home you want to live in: will it match your life style. We make sure that no details are left out during our meetings, discussions and design sessions, as we- like an expert know these details make the difference to your living environment. No matter how long it will take or how many design sessions we go through, we make sure we deliver exactly what you wanted, adding our creativeness to your taste and expectations.

We also design and build new houses to customers taste and requirements , which differs from traditional houses. In both- the new build or refurbishment of old houses /flats we keep to our aim - crate a sweet home for our customers.

During work in your property to come with best design option your choices will not be limited, plenty of
design variants including partition walls relocation or various details of your bathroom and furniture, plenty lighting or color choices, plenty fabric, material and appliance choices, if you want outside and garden to be according your expectations , we shall also create very special like you environment in your garden for you : in every step of this journey you will be supported by experience and creativeness of our professional designers.

We work with your chosen/advised /recommended designer or we provide our designer, in both cases your dream home will be our aim.

The service you will be amazed with:

As soon as the design session is complete, you have chosen what you want from proposed design variants, made fabric/material and appliance choice, agreed with proposed layout and color, (or just decided to do a simple refurbishment in your property) we assign a Project MGR, who will be responsible to plan, organize everything, start and deliver your project on time, with high quality.

We make sure there is no disruptions to your day-to-day life, you are not disturbed even at work with phone calls and when you are back from work or from your journey, you will see changes as if you did all these yourself, we know how important your home is and we treat each project as if it is our own. Project MGR will keep you informed at every stage of project, no later than once a week.

The assigned Project MGR will make a Project Plan for this project, make a Program (schedule of the Project), Prepare Method Statement detailing each activity, then assess the responsibilities of all involved and make sure all involved are working according agreed plan.

Project MGR will prepare Project quality inspection and test plan and assign responsible persons and task them accordingly. All this will give a successful end result: everything will be managed and checked: strip out of old area that need renovation, alterations , decoration, manufacture of furniture, installation of bathroom, plumbing and electrical installation, painting, floor installation and installation of appliances, every step of works will be managed to high standards. All fridges, washing machines, cookers etc will be checked and tested before hand over to the customer. The owner will not face the inconveniences that could affect the daily life. When we hand over the completed Project , we aim the owner to see a sweet home, where everything is exactly as expected by owner.

If you decided to have bespoke furniture in your property (kitchen, bathroom, hallway, study, bedroom, home cinema, kids room etc) you will have dedicated furniture maker under full supervision of work shop manager. You will have full access to see the progress of your furniture manufacture in the workshop.

Project Manager will organize for you the visit to see all your bespoke furniture manufacture with your
own eyes. We are proud to say our furniture are made in England (in London) by experienced furniture makers and all furniture are bespoke.

According customers decision we also obtain certain permits for extensions , alterations and building works .

The work activities in Flats and Houses carried out in the following order:

1. Site survey and agree scope of works (involves Sales director and Designer MGR ),

2. Design sessions and final design submit to client (Designer)

3. Materials choice with client (Designer)

4. Appliances choice with client (Designer and Project MGR)

5. Project planning and scheduling to suit client wanted dates , agree start and completion dates with client (Project MGR)

6. Monitoring the schedule, (Project MGR)

7.Co-ordination of all activities to lead to successful completion of the project (Project MGR)

8. Full time management of the project (regardless small or big) (Project MGR)

9.Daily supervision of the activities in the property (Site MGR/ Site Supervisor))

10. Bespoke furniture will be carefully packed, loaded to truck, delivered to client’s property, carefully unloaded, installed, checked they work fine then handed over to client (under Site MGR’s supervision)

11. The appliances will be carefully unloaded, installed, checked work fine and have warranty before handing over to client (Under supervision of Site MGR/Supervisor)

12. Hand over of the property to Customer (Project MGR)

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